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July 2021.

A CAPS-aligned learner and teacher web-based platform is being implemented across nine schools, in Cape Winelands District. This Mathematics and Physical Science support programme is funded by Perdekraal East Wind Farm, in collaboration with the Western Cape Education Department to support over 6 000 learners and 120 teachers in primary and high schools.

The programme, which was launched mid-May 2021, includes the issue of hardware for each school, namely two computers and projectors, which are installed with both the HeyMath! and HeyScience software and apps. It is designed to deepen educator content knowledge and improve their ICT Skills (Information Communication Technology).

Acting Deputy Principal of Iingcinga Zethu High School, in Ceres, Mr Zamumzi Tshazibane, says “HeyMath is a powerful tool which enhances effective learning. It is interactive, diverse and accommodates learners of different aptitudes. This has come at the right time as it is complementary for our educators and is also user-friendly.”

This STEM programme (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) focuses on achieving increased learner participation in mathematics; improving student outcomes and the quality of mathematics results; in addition to enhancing usage monitoring and support for educators.

“This forms part of our education programme, which has a keen focus on technology capacity at schools, which is in support of advancing STEM, with our end goal being to grow today’s learners educationally to pursue careers in STEM subjects as the renewable energy sector is growing and there are great opportunities for the future,” said Jo-Anne Brown, Economic Development Manager at Perdekraal East Wind Farm.

The programme has been implemented in support of the belief that motivated teachers play a vital role in supporting, guiding and inspiring learners to attain the defined outcomes.

Edwal Felix, Grade 4 teacher at St Marks Primary School, situated in Prince Alfred Hamlet, who is one the teachers trained to implement the programme said, “This is a wonderful tool to assist in understanding and providing insight into the world of mastering mathematics. Furthermore, it provides an open line of communication whenever problems arise.”

It is envisaged that with the proper support for both learners and teachers the impact of this intervention will still be felt years from now, when those who have successfully come through it, are making a difference in their communities.

“The Programme does not only benefit participants, but also our commitment to the development of the communities that we support. We care as much about the individual students as we do about the communities of which they are part,” concluded Jo-Anne Brown.

Benefitting schools, include: Nduli Primary School; Morrisdale Primary School; Mooi Uitsig Primary; Bella Vista Primary; Ceres Primary; St Marks Primary; Iingcinga Zethu High School; Bella Vista High School; and Ceres Secondary High School.