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July 2024.

Khaya Toti, the owner of the only wood-fired pizzeria in Ceres, has grown his local pizza venture into a bustling community hub with the support of the local SMME stimulation initiative. Khaya, along with 14 other local entrepreneurs, has reaped the benefits of this Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) programme, which has provided vital financial support that has facilitated business growth, enhanced sustainability, and generated employment opportunities within the community.

“The funding I received from the ABCD programme has been invaluable. It has enabled us to maintain affordable prices, ensure quality, and continue employing local people despite financial challenges. The digital menu display panels have streamlined our operations and reduced costs, allowing us to focus on what we do best, which is making great pizza.”

Through the ABCD programme’s funding, Khaya was able to purchase a pizza dough maker and digital menu display panels. These investments have not only increased efficiency and revenue, but also improved customer satisfaction.

Founded in May 2015, Khaya’s Pizza Shack has grown from a small pizzeria into a popular local spot, well known for its exceptional wood-fired pizzas and the positive vibe it brings to the community having created a space for people to gather. His business now employs six full-time and two casual weekend staff members, helping to reduce the unemployment rates in Ceres.

Looking ahead, Khaya envisions further expansion, “We plan to introduce a range of new offerings, including fried chicken, burgers, and chips. Our goal is to open more branches around Witzenberg, broadening our impact and continuing to serve our community.”

Gwynne-Lee Borcherds, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm, which funds this programme, concluded, “We chose to fund Khaya’s business because it’s the only wood-fired pizza restaurant in the area, offering unique growth potential. We believe that with additional support, Khaya’s venture could significantly impact the local business community. Khaya’s resilience, demonstrated by his continued operation since 2015, assured us of the business’s enduring promise and capacity for success.”