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March 2023.

Nduli Primary School in Ceres, Western Cape, recently celebrated the launch of a container library, with representatives from the school joined by community members and key local stakeholders. Funded by Perdekraal East Wind Farm in partnership with the school’s business partners, the support also included books, two computers, shelves, and general renovations and will benefit nearly 1000 learners in the school.

Nduli Primary School is a participant in the Partners for Possibilities: Principal Leadership Development Programme, which connects school principals with local business mentors, and is also funded by the wind farm. Notably, it was through this programme that the need for a library was identified.

“This support is sure to make a positive impact on the learners, enhance the learner’s reading skills, and broaden their world view. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things they will achieve with the resources now available to them,” said Gwynne-Lee Borcherds, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm.

School libraries are cherished as safe, physical spaces for children to read, inquire and build new knowledge, and this one is no exception. It is already playing a fundamental role in the community, providing a place where learners can access information and resources, supporting literacy and education, promoting lifelong learning, and serving as a school gathering place.

Mrs. Lethunya, the Principal of Nduli Primary School, expressed her gratitude for the support, saying, “Our new library has helped bring learners and teachers together, allowing them to get useful information and work collaboratively on projects. Learners don’t have to travel to town to get to the library and they are keen to stay after school and enjoy doing their homework at the library.”

The library container was proudly renovated by a local contractor – plus the support also includes funding the librarian’s salary for a year, demonstrating the wind farm’s commitment to education, employment and local small businesses.