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June 2023.

Over 100 local entrepreneurs gathered at the Bella Vista Community Hall, in Witzenberg, for the annual Entrepreneurship Day event, aimed at educating local SMMEs about compliance, governance, available funding opportunities, as well as engagement with key government department stakeholders.

Held on 8 June 2023, this event was funded by Perdekraal East Wind Farm and forms part of a broader and ongoing initiative aimed at equipping and assisting SMMEs towards being more sustainable.

“We recognised the crucial need for such assistance due to the growing unemployment rates in South Africa. Consequently, the establishment of community-driven businesses serves as an effective measure in mitigating unemployment. The wind farm, alongside other organisations, actively extends its support to these aspiring entrepreneurs, whether through ABCD funding or fostering collaborations with various stakeholders to provide skill development training,” explained Gwynne-Lee Borcherds, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm.

This annual event provides entrepreneurs with opportunities to achieve compliance, learn from different stakeholders such as the Department of Agriculture: Rural Development Programme, as well as gain insights into the internal processes of these stakeholders. In addition to compliance and funding, entrepreneurs further can explore how the services provided by each stakeholder can assist them.

“Perdekraal East Wind Farm played a vital role in the early stages of my business by providing funding that enabled me to purchase a stove. Thanks to their support, my business is now profitable,” said Glodine Du Toit, a small business owner and beneficiary of the programme.

She added, “The Entrepreneurs Day was an invaluable resource, offering essential insights on effectively monitoring and maintaining the smooth functioning of my business operations. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the wind farm for their great work.”

Stakeholders present at the event included: Witzenberg Municipality; Western Cape Government-Department of Agriculture: Rural Development Programme; Western Cape Government- Provincial Treasury; Western Cape Government – Department of Infrastructure: Supply Chain Management and Contract Development; CASIDRA; First National Bank; Witzenberg Excellence; Ceres Business Initiative (CBI).