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April 2022.

Matjiesrivier NGK Primary School is celebrating the expansion of its infrastructure and classroom facilities. This small Karoo school recently received a newly built admin office, funded by Perdekraal East Wind farm, which is enabling the school to conduct administrative tasks and safely store records. Furthermore, the old admin room will be converted into a library and computer lab classroom for the learners to help bridge the digital learning gap.

“We are very happy with the new admin office. This newly constructed space has become a haven and beacon of hope for learners, parents, and teachers. As a result, their spirits have been lifted, and their confidence has increased,” said School Principal, Mr Franse.

Initially, the foundation phase building was used as the general office, but the space was not ideal for learning as visitors had to pass through classrooms to reach the school principal’s office, causing interruptions.

With the new office space, the school is now able to use part of the existing classroom as a computer lab. This new lab will be a valuable addition to the school, as learners will have the opportunity to gain digital literacy and technology skills. Moreover, learning how to use computers and software is essential in preparing learners for life after they graduate school.

“We are proud to have been part of the Matjiersrivier Primary School infrastructure project. This project has improved the appearance of the school and it will change people’s perception of farm schools. This funding is in line with our mission to promote quality education and to provide the needed help for children to gain equal access to education,” concluded Jo-Anne Brown, Economic Development Manager at Perdekraal East Wind Farm.

Despite being located in a rural area, Matjiesrivier Primary is an impressive school that has produced many successful learners. One such learner, Andrea Van Rooi, currently completing her honours in Education at the University of the Western Cape, spoke at the launch of the new admin office, encouraging the young learners to not let their pasts dictate where they go in life.