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March 2023.

Ikamvalethu Tunnel Farming, a local agri-enterprise based in Nduli, Western Cape has received a much-needed financial boost to assist in restoring its infrastructure and purchase necessary equipment. This support has also helped generate employment opportunities for fifteen locals during the restoration of the tunnels, which lasted for two months.

Following a severe storm that extensively damaged the tunnels, greenhouse, and even caused some structures to collapse, Ikamvalethu is relieved to have received support to get back in operations. With the fund provided by Perdekraal East Wind Farm, the SMME was able to fix eight tunnels by obtaining new plastics, zigzags, mistblowers, fertilizer, chemicals, and even purchase fuel for the generator during load shedding.

“Through this funding, we are hoping that Ikamvalethu will be able to steer their business back on track and set their sights even higher. They’re not just looking to double or quadruple their output, but to triple it. Moreover, the community of Nduli is reaping the rewards, with more job opportunities during maintenance and production season,” explained Gwynne-Lee Borcherds, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm, which provided this funding as part of its Enterprise development initiative.

The circle of support in this community has been demonstrated through the positive impact of this funding, which has benefitted disadvantaged community members and the piggery community in Nduli. As a result, community members received free cocktail tomatoes and third-grade tomatoes, and the piggery community received waste from Ikamvalethu’s farm for free. Looking ahead, this funding will continue to benefit the community through employment opportunities created by Ikamvalethu in the long run.

Ikamvalethu expressed gratitude for the support it received from the wind farm and recognises the impact it has had on the community, “The funding provided much-needed relief and enabled us to put our experience to good use. We hope to continue growing and providing opportunities for the community in the future,” concluded Andrew Aloni, Director of Ikamvalethu Tunnel Farming.