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May 2023.

The annual Food Garden Project, which aims to support no fewer than 50 beneficiaries in the Witzenberg area, kicked off in April. The aim of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle and restore human dignity by benefitting schools, crèches, old age homes, night shelters, and home gardens overseen by agri- mentors to help ensure success.

“The Witzenberg area is well known for its agriculture, and instilling the love for agriculture at an early age will be beneficial for the future of young children who may pursue careers in this field. In addition, the produce from the gardens will be used for feeding schemes at schools, crèches, and other organisations,” stated said Gwynne-Lee Borcherds, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm, which funds this project.

Through the project, each beneficiary will receive seeds, seedlings, compost, fertilizer, and insecticides. A local enterprise, Ikamvaletu Tunnel Farming, has been appointed to manage the project and they will be visiting the gardens twice a week to monitor the progress and provide support to the beneficiaries.

Furthermore, beneficiaries will also receive training in proper soil preparation, planting skills, best times to plant, crop selection, pest and animal control, irrigation methods, harvesting, and commitment to the process.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Marilyn Fillis, expressed her gratitude for the initiative and support, “As someone who is currently unemployed and unable to afford the high cost of vegetables in stores, I’m immensely grateful for this programme and have gained a wealth of knowledge in such a short space of time. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Perdekraal East Wind Farm for their invaluable assistance and support.”