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November 2023.

Eight community members hailing from the Witzenberg area have recently reaped the rewards of a Supplier Development Programme. This initiative, conducted over the course of one week in August 2023, was designed to empower local entrepreneurs. Through this programme, participants acquired vital skills and training, focusing on workplace safety, adherence to health and safety regulations, and the fortification of their businesses, thus fostering economic growth within the community.

“This support programme not only enhances workplace safety culture but also boosts employee morale. When individuals feel safe and supported, their job satisfaction improves, resulting in increased productivity and a more positive workplace culture” stated Gwynne-Lee Borcherds, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm, which funded this programme as part of its socio-economic development initiatives, in partnership with Pinpoint Health and Safety and Isiviko Health and Safety.

This intervention is designed to reduce the likelihood of accidents and injuries and reduce absenteeism and employee turnover by equipping employees with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and address workplace hazards. Additionally, the programme ensures compliance with occupational health and safety legislation, safeguarding businesses from potential fines and legal actions.

“The training was an essential tool for my personal understanding of how to work safely and better understand the work culture in the industry. It has helped me become a better competitor in the industry and perform my duties in a safer manner,” said Jan Olivier, one of the programme beneficiaries.

The modules covered during the training included SHEQ Training, Safety File Management, First Aid, Basic Firefighting Training, Working on Heights, Operating Hand Tools and Machinery, Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace, Scaffold Inspection, and Scaffold Erection.