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October 2020

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In a collaborative effort, Perdekraal East Wind Farm’s team worked alongside local organisations, to commemorate Mandela Day, by hosting soup kitchens in four local communities. Despite being bitterly cold, community members from of Ceres, Nduli, Bella Vista and Prince Alfred Hamlet joined in.

Working together with the Ceres Night Shelter, Prince Alfred Hamlet Soup kitchen, the Nduli Sisonke Centre, the PPK church soup kitchen and even the Bella vista Rugby Club, hundreds of bowls of warm soup were served on this bitterly cold Mandela Day. The spirit of this commemorative day was truly felt by all – the young, elderly and the ill.

“It was heart-warming to see how doctors, the superintendent, the matron of the hospital and Councillor Abrahams assisted in handing out soup to outpatients, who were waiting to receive medical attention,” said Jo-Anne Brown, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm.

Many special people and organisations made this collaborative effort a reality, these include the Community Development Workers, Karin Seroot, Thandeka Tshambu and Melvin Bezuidenhout who liaised with the organizations in beneficiary communities to prepare the soup and organise the distribution points, all of whom participated gladly without remuneration.

Perdekraal East Wind Farm is proud to be part of the community spirit and pleased to have funded all the ingredients for the soup kitchens.