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March 2021.

Hundreds of children in the Witzenberg area, have received back-to-school packs as part of another collaboration between local NGO’s and stakeholders who continue to work together to support local communities.

‘The pandemic hit us all hard, many still suffer from the “after-shocks” and many households in our community lost their grandparents who bought the school necessities with their government grants, leaving many without hope and children with shy faces at school,” explained Warrick Alexander, of the Witz Events Network NGO.

Within this area, it is recognised that communities can drive the development process themselves by identifying and mobilizing existing, but often unrecognised, assets and this is what is taking place. Led by the local NGOs, stakeholders have responded to the challenge of children dropping out of school, due to the lack of school necessities.

“Many children face the fear at the start of a new school year of not knowing how or what they will take to school,” added Alexander, who was inspired to drive this project, as it is a fear that he relates to personally.

500 school backpacks stocked with all the school necessities have been provided to children across four day-care facilities in Prince Alfred Hamlet, Bella Vista and Ceres communities, as well as Grade 12 learners from the local High Schools.

The collaboration partners include Perdekraal East Wind Farm; OTB Africa, Communities of Abundance, WEN Angel; Ceres Super Spar; Triple One Printers; Teachers from Bella Vista High and Ceres Secondary; God’s Family Ministries; Hartnick Sports Development Academy and local community members who support our vision and give their time/financial contributions.

“This project is an excellent example of what Asset Based Community Development looks like. Organizations and individuals coming together to achieve a common goal. Without this collaboration, we would not have been able to make this kind of impact. It made us believe that change is possible through partnerships and dedication, as proven by community NGO,” said Jo-Anne Brown, Economic Development Manager at Perdekraal East Wind Farm.