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June 2021.

Four hundred schools girls, most in need of assistance, were successfully identified and have received eco-friendly re-usable sanitary wear, a dignity to which all girls should have access.

This is part of a Perdekraal East Wind Farm collaborative initiative that included the Western Cape Department of Education, school principals in the Witzenberg area and the Department of Social Development, aimed to help to ease the monthly concern faced by hundreds of young girls.

“Despite being on the list of VAT zero-rated goods list, many of the girls continue to struggle to gain access to the necessary personal hygiene products each month. Research also reveals that a large percentage miss up to five days of school each month, due to lack of access to these essential items,” said Jo-Anne Brown, Economic Development Manager at Perdekraal East Wind Farm.

Two seamstresses were appointed to produce almost 1600 pads, following a local procurement process. Hence, this socio-economic development initiative, also supported local SMME’s and provided contract jobs for seven people from the Witzenberg area. Furthermore, all materials were supplied by the wind farm and then purchased back, as finished goods.
Initial research, garnered from questionnaires circulated within schools, indicated that the large majority of girls were open and happy to try these new hygiene products, despite not having prior knowledge of the product.

“Many girls and women are switching away from single-use products, as these type of long-lasting fabric products are free from irritating and synthetic materials, in addition to being eco-friendly and far more cost effective,” concluded Jo-Anne Brown.