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September 2023.

Hundreds of learners from across schools in the Witzenberg communities are now better equipped to make well-informed career and subject choices, thanks to a guidance programme for youth grappling with choices that will inevitably shape their futures.

The Career Day for grades 9, 11 and 12 was recently hosted in six schools, and aimed to assist learners to make better-informed career choices. This programme helped learners to broaden their horizons by introducing them to an array of available career opportunities, while also offering advice on subject choices aligned with their desired career paths.

“This Career Day is a source of guidance for learners, offering insight into their futures. It also plays a pivotal role in making learners and youth aware of the various career pathways available to them and challenges them to look beyond their immediate surroundings and envision a life that is filled with new possibilities,” said Gwynne-Lee Borcherds, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm, which funded this event in collaboration with Cape Career Exhibition Association and the Department of Education.

Exhibitors from different tertiary institutions guided students through a number of subject choices required for their preferred career paths. Moreover, these institutions also provided information about the bursary opportunities available, ensuring that financial constraints do not deter learners from pursuing their dreams.

The Career Day showcased a range of career opportunities, ranging from Human Resources, LLB, Boiler Making, psychology, social work, nursing, and aquamarine studies, drama, beauty therapy, policing, traffic and law enforcement, engineering, project management, veterinary science, and agriculture.

The exhibitors visited: Bella Vista High School, IIngcinga Zethu High School, Ceres Secondary School, Skuurweberg Secondary School, Wolseley Secondary School and Tulbagh High School.