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August 2023.

The spirit of unity and community engagement came alive as stakeholders from the Department of Health and Social Development joined hands for a memorable Mandela Day celebration at the Tankwa Karoo Padstal. The event was a huge success, fostering connections and providing crucial services to the Karoo community.

“The day was not only a celebration but a vital outreach effort to ensure the Karoo community’s well-being. As the beneficiary of one of our initiatives, the Tankwa Karoo holds a special place for us, making the event’s purpose even more meaningful,” said Gwynne Borcherds, Economic Development Manager for Perdekraal East Wind Farm, funders of the event.

As part of the event, Perderkraal East Wind Farm distributed approximately 300 dignity packs to the local community centres, homeless shelters, and old age homes. Amongst the items included in the packs were toiletries and goodies for children.

Furthermore, the Department of Health in collaboration with NORSA provided an array of essential services to the community, including: family planning, with a focus on long-term methods like IUCD and implants; screening for cervical smears, TB, HIV case finding, testing, and referrals; immunisation; vitamin A supplementation; and nutritional assessments; chronic care for conditions like HIV and CDL, including case finding and referral; as well as eye screening and distribution of condoms.

The Department of Social Development also played a significant role by providing services like intake and screening for SASSA and Home Affairs, as well as opportunities for Community Development Workers (CDWs).

Daleen Vermeulen, speaking on behalf of the Tankwa Karoo family, expressed her gratitude to the dedicated team and stakeholders who made the day possible, “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved for your kindness and the generosity you’ve shown through your helping hand. Your willingness to go above and beyond to provide for those in need is truly remarkable and invaluable to us. As members of the Tankwa Karoo Community, we deeply appreciate being the beneficiaries of your services.”