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October 2020

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The Perdekraal East Wind Farm will be hosting Asset Based Community Development Workshop in the partner communities on the following dates:

3-4 October 2023 (Nduli)

16-17 October 2023 (Ceres)

The Project Company invites suitable SMME’s to provide a cost proposal for the following:

Day 1

Morning snack-muffin (vanilla, All bran, cappuccino) and coffee/tea

Lunch-mayonnaise noodles salad, green salad,1hamburger roll, quarter chicken and 440ml (Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Stoney)

Day 2

Morning snack-muffin (vanilla, all bran, cappuccino) and coffee/tea

Lunch-Potato salad, Mild spicey rice salad, quarter chicken and 440ml (coke, Fanta, sprite, Stoney)

The following mandatory documentation needs to be submitted to the Project Company:

  • Company profile with proof of similar services rendered for last three years, in the following format:




Client Name Project Description Project Value (VAT Inclusive)  

Contact Person


Contact Details


  • Two reference letters from clients for whom similar work was performed in the last three years. Letter to include client name, contact person and contact numbers.
  • Proof of Company registration (CIPC), indicating directors’ details
  • Valid BBBEE certificate/Affidavit (not older than twelve months)
  • SARS Tax Compliance Status (TCS)
  • VAT Registration Certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of Bank Account (not older than three months)
  • COA -Certificate of Acceptability for a food premises.

Closing Date: 1 September 2023 at 12h00

Interested parties may submit quotations for one or more of the items within the Pricing Schedule.

Terms and Conditions apply. The approved entities will sign an agreement in respect of service required.

PLEASE NOTE: Perdekraal East Wind Farm reserves the right not to allocate any of the opportunities detailed below in the Pricing Schedule.

Interested parties can submit enquiries, and submit necessary documentation to the Project Office, 51 Voortrekker Street, Ceres (Physical) or to Beauty Theto at (Electronic), 083 792 8286