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October 2022.

A technical training programme seeking to assist the South African renewable energy industry in developing local skills has given 15 young people from Ceres access to a variety of career opportunities. Having successfully completed phase 1 of this globally compliant training programme, the group will commence the second phase early next year.

“Opportunities in the renewable energy sectors are available worldwide, and this qualification allows young people to become trained and qualified personnel. This programme is just one of the ways in which we develop, upskill, and empower the youth in our communities,” said Jo-Anne Brown, Economic Development Manager at Perdekraal East Wind Farm, which funds this programme.

This two weeks-long Global Wind Organisation programme, implemented under the guidance of the South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre (SARETEC), selected youth who had passed Maths and Science in Grade 12 and included modules such as Basic Safety Training, Basic Technical Training, and Bolt Tensioning Training. The 15 participants achieved above 70% on all training modules, demonstrating their dedication, commitment, and willingness to make a positive change in their lives.

Ongezwa Khelengile, one of the programme participants, said, “I enjoyed the training sessions both professionally and personally. The facilitator was well-prepared and knowledgeable, and the course content was clear and organised. Although I have never worked on a Wind Farm before, the technical skills gained from this programme will enable me to contribute to the growth of an organisation. This course was a stepping stone towards my dream of becoming an engineer.”